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Képernyőfotó 2014-11-25 - 11.29.07Global Opening Ltd. is a boutique firm helping to develop business, providing match-making, offering consultancy, creating real estate choices, training and educating executive and board communication, leadership know-hows.

Global Opening Ltd. creates the personal connectivity that drives the success of your organization in today’s business ecosystem. We decisively use our vast social capital to reach always the best solutions. In a business ecosystem characterized by shrinking core activities and expanding peripheral interactions, it is critical for all organizations to increasingly create strategic alliances and relationships that drive success. Global Opening Ltd. is about the special glue that holds this all together – TRUST.

You get from Global Opening Ltd strategic, personal and measurable services.

The Partners of the Global Opening Ltd have a huge local and an excellent international network of contacts. Theyare aware of how the world economy works, they know its correspondence. They know how the capital acts, and they are sure about the criteria of the good business. They believe in business where all can benefit from it.

The Global Opening Ltd is not a venture created for a single business transaction. It wishes to serve its business partners for the long run.

The vision of the Global Opening Ltd is that such conservative principles as reliability, computability and integrity can be applied even in our global and accelerated world.

Of course, we are not naive. We know it very well that the world and the businessmen, companies living in it are varied. The Global Opening Ltd. is looking for contacts all over the different continents of the world which are doing their business along the same philosophy.