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Balázs Bokor


A 34 years long intensive diplomatic carreer, mainly focusing at different cultures, more than 22 years of important leadership positions, a vehement personal devotion to know different regions of the world, their civilization, culture, societies and mainly their peoples, an extensive networking with international personalities of politics, business, culture, media who are aware of his ambitions, a special research interest in developments of multiculturalism, a proven record to work and create in multicultural, multiethnic environment with a team worker`s attitude, a well-accepted academic activity with a must of transferring knowledge to young people, a widely respected communication skill, a result-orientated creativity and openmindedness, a demonstrated efficiency in managing big projects consistently delivering stated outcomes on time and within budget. This is what characterizes Ambassador Bokor who occupied during his career posts like Ambassador of Hungary to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Cyprus, Consul General in Los Angeles, Chief of State Protocol in Hungary, Director General of the Department of the Middle East and North Africa in the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, His communication skills are confirmed by 6 books he wote and by many dozens of lectures he delivered in different universities of the world.